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Summer Reading and Shoes

posted Jun 25, 2012, 6:36 AM by Christine Brower-Cohen   [ updated Jun 28, 2012, 6:41 PM by rcase@wbschools.org ]
June 25, 2012
With thunderstorms rolling into New York today, what a perfect time to curl up and get a head start on summer reading.  Yesterday, The New York Times ran this piece on summer reading for middle school students.  While I didn't agree with everything in the opinion, which I found to be contradictory at times,  (she says there needs to be more accountability for summer reading assignments, then says that students should be allowed the luxury of reading classics without Post-it notes) I loved that it was written by a public middle school teacher.  In this era of Common Core, I loved her suggestion of immersing students in thought-provoking non-fiction. 
On a much lighter note, in honor of my shoe-shopping, fashion-forward friend, Janet, I want to share the title of a new book on shoes, Women From the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us.
Happy reading and shoe shopping,
Christine Brower-Cohen