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Help a Sandy Survivor

posted Nov 7, 2012, 3:18 PM by Christine Brower-Cohen
November 7, 2012
An editor that I know has been dislocated due to flooding in her home. She has been trying to return to some semblance of normalcy. Obviously, writing is not her top priority right now. She was working on a piece about a parent who allowed his/her child (between the age of 6-12) to quit an activity. If you, or a friend, have ever allowed your child, age 6-12, to quit an activity, please email me and I will interview you for the piece.    [ccohen(at)wbschools(dot)org]  The deadline is next week, so if you could forward this link to any parents you know, that would be great. You will find more info about this below:

Ok, here is a bit more detail on what I'm looking for in the "My kid's a quitter!...and I'm OK with that" as-told-to.
We need you to find a mom or dad of a 6-12 year old (boy or girl) who asked to join something and then decided to quit, and the mom or dad let him. We're trying to show the other side of the usual sentiment that parents have, which is..."you have to stick it out."

Parents don't usually advertise that they let their kid "quit," it kind of has a bad rap. So we want to show the other side of it, and why it works for some kids, and to encourage parents to trust their instincts.

I think it's important that the activity in question be something the kid originally wanted to do...if it's something the parent just pushed him into that's a different thing.

I don't think it matters as much whether the kid quit after a couple months, or a couple years...it shouldn't be within the first few weeks, though.
Thank you for considering helping out with this.
Stay safe and dry,
Christine Brower-Cohen