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Confession of a Reading Teacher

posted Jun 3, 2013, 6:52 PM by Christine Brower-Cohen
June 3, 2013
Like every other reading/ELA teacher, I am constantly admonishing my students to "Read all titles and directions before beginning any assignment."  Imagine my humiliation this past Saturday, when I was starting a brand new piece of piano music, and I jumped right into playing the music, without reading the little notation on the top of the page to be aware of right hand positions.  Can you say "hypocrite," boys and girls?
I share this story as a caution that even so-called "good readers" need to be reminded of good reading habits and strategies.  (And they need to be reminded throughout the year, even in June--possibly, especially in June when the stress of exams is weighing heavily on their minds.)  
Happy reading,