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Chicago Teachers Strike

posted Sep 12, 2012, 4:35 AM by Christine Brower-Cohen
September 12, 2012
Something is off. The start of this school year feels very different. Of course, we all expected this year to be more challenging with the implementation of A.P.P.R., but something else seems to be off this year. The combination of getting to know new students, their IEPs, testing modifications, and various health/personal concerns (nothing new), along with A.P.P.R., S.L.O's, and pre-assessments (all new), seems to be making everyone crazy.
My own children come home from school talking about their pre-assessments, "Don't worry, Mommy, the teacher said I can't study for it.  We haven't learned the material yet."  As a parent, I think my children are tested enough. They don't need to start the year with a
pre-assessment.  As a teacher, I don't know what to think.
Just when I'm about to indulge in some declarations of "I'm exhausted," or "I'm so stressed," I read about the Chicago Teachers' strike, and feel fortunate. Any of us who complain about how difficult the start of our school year has been, need to remember that we didn't start the year with a strike vote. Tomorrow morning, we'll get up and go to our classrooms. We'll see our students, who are the reasons we went into this profession in the first place, and in this tough economy, we won't have to worry about missing a paycheck for our principles.  
Happy reading and teaching,
Christine Brower-Cohen