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Challenging Vocabulary from Test Samplers

posted Feb 23, 2013, 6:15 AM by Christine Brower-Cohen
February 23, 2013
Engageny has posted sample questions to reflect the structure of the upcoming assessments.  During a staff-development session in December, I shared with colleagues words from these test samplers that I thought would be challenging for students.  As we get closer to the assessments, I am sharing these words again, here. 

Challenging Words from Sample Texts That Can Not be Defined for Students


How many of these words would your students know on their own?



From 6th- grade sampler:


vehement                                  monument                                 bade                             unbind


lay siege                                   citadel                                      aquaria                         buoyant


larvae                                       dicasts (appositive)                   orations                        declamation


orator                                       cunningly                                  halcyon





From 7th- grade sampler:      


manifestly                                 unwittingly                                “heave and lunge”


gait                                           recoiled                                    bore “bore himself awkwardly”


bepuzzlement                            drew                                        wistfulness


“arose wheeled and melted”                                                      horde


revel                                         illumined



From 8th- grade sampler:



enticements                               precede                                    disarming                      inclined


stimulated                                 tonal                                         rote                              scorn


exploit                                      query                                        collaborators                uncomprehending


confounding                              vainly                                        repentance                    commenced


compliance                               indispensable                            brute                            sustained


disposition                                apt                                           bestow                         urchins


testimonial                                prudence                                  unpardonable   
Are we reading enough to build students vocabulary and prepare them for the challenge ahead?  What strategies should we be integrating to get students ready for the rigor of the new assessments?
Happy reading,
Christine Brower-Cohen